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"Vedere crescere sportivamente e disciplinarmente il proprio figlio con ADP10FA e’ una sensazione meravigliosa. L’accademia ha un’organizzazione superba ed impeccabile. Lo Staff e’ eccezionale, sempre attento ai dettagli del lavoro svolto. Grazie alla loro decennale esperienza professionale, programmano ogni sessione d’allenamento nei minimi particolari, mirando allo sviluppo e alla crescita tecnica/mentale dell’atleta, senza trascurarne l’aspetto ludico. Mio figlio Patrick, nel giro di soli 4 mesi, ha mostrato un costante miglioramento tecnico e mentale incredibile, imparando e divertendosi allo stesso tempo. Sono contento dei risultati ottenuti e consiglio la ADP10FA a tutti quei genitori che vorrebbero introdurre i propri bimbi al mondo del calcio o perfezionarne le loro qualità tecniche e mentali. Il programma offerto e l’atmosfera in cui si svolge non ha eguali."

— Giulio

"L’ADP Academy est un program de football basé sur le développement des principaux fondamentaux du « Beau jeux ». Créer et et orchestré par la légende « el Capitano Alessandro Del Piero », pour la plupart du temp présents aux séances d’entraînement, afin d’assister et d’échanger conseils et guidance à nos jeunes joueurs. Les coachs sont pour la plupart européens, (Italiens, Français, Allemand et Bulgare). Nous avons travaillés ensemble pour préparé un programme varié réunissant les différents points d’expertises de chacun. Je recommande vivement ce programme à qui veut commencer, développer ou progresser."

— Coach Kevin

"ADP10 Football Academies know how to motivate, know how to achieve results and goals and certainly know what excellence and success is all about. ADP10 is dedicated in teaching players how to get to their highest level of play and success in a disciplined approach to training. Great coaches teaching each child skill development, techniques, sportsmanship and resilience. Encouraging each player to do their best. You will absolutely see your child's progress and improvement after several practices. This opportunity of my son meeting World Cup Champion Alessandro Del Piero was fantastic! Alessandro Del Piero being on the pitch interacting and showing him soccer skills was absolutely extraordinary! I feel extremely fortunate that my family has had the opportunity to cross paths with the very best. Looking forward to the next season with ADP10!!"

— Cristina

"שלום אני אבא של אריאל רוזן. ואני רוצה לומר הרבה תודה רבה לADP10 ואלכסנדר דלפירו והצוות שלו וכול המאמנים שלו. הבן שלי נהנה להיות חלק מהקבוצה ורוצה להיות חלק מהקבוצה בעונה הבאה. הבן שלי ממש השתפר ברמה שלו וגם הוא אוהב את כול הצוות והמאמנים שזה מאוד חשוב! אז אני באמת ממליץ בחום לכול אבא ואמא שהבן שלו רוצא להיות שחקן כדורגל מקצועי זה המקום להתחיל לשחק כדורגל מקצועי כי ADP10 הילד שלך יקבל לימוד וחינוך טוב מאוד. תודה רבה ממשפחת רוזן להתראות ושלום בעונה הבאה אוהבים אותכם מכול הלב."

— Ariel

"Finding the right soccer clinic can be tough. I was introduced to the ADP10 Football Academy last summer at UCLA and am so happy I enrolled my 3 kids in the program. They received hands-on, professional training in a safe, competitive, and fun environment. They each learned valuable skills and techniques that they were able to apply during their regular soccer season. To top it off, the kids got a picture with and signed certificate by Alessadro Del Piero. It doesn't get better than that. Thanks ADP10 team!"

— Nicole

"Estoy muy agradecido por haber tenido la oportunidad de conocer y convivir con el campion del mundo allesandro del piero y su equipo de entrenadores los cuales compartieron conmigo su paciencia, conocimiemiento en tecnicas de futbool profecional lo cual me ayudo en gran manera a mejorar mi desempeño en las canchas de futbol."

— Jenry C.

"Right from the start it was a great atmosphere and it wasn't all about soccer or being the best at it. It was about sharing a passion with young kids. I felt very humbled to have inspired a few kids at the clinics and having them remind me why I love this sport and have continued on with this passion!"

— Coach Kristyn

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